Tired of the same old processes and advertising opportunities?  Looking for ways to connect with new customers, retain customers, and do something unique?

How about your own mobile app?

Today’s retail landscape is changing more and more every day.  We see traditional malls being reinvented into other destinations.  We see online giants getting into the grocery business.  Staying put and taking the traditional route is no longer an option.

You need to be creative, be bold, and strengthen your brand.

A mobile app from Stabertson Technologies has many advantages over your traditional retail communication and advertising:

  1. No large upfront investments, only a low monthly fee.
  2. You control your content – if an ad, message or coupon is not working, change the message today.
  3. See if your message works – real time reporting to see what messages are getting the most attention.
  4. Control slow days – send out in-app only coupons or codes for use when having slow days.
  5. Hold VIP events – VIP members can register, in the app, for special VIP shopping events.
  6. Sell limited edition item in app – ability to sell a single limited edition item in the app to raise funds for charity or to just promote your business.

You are in control of your businesses success…Today!